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Claudia Stills

Claudia Black Icon Contest

Claudia Black Icontest
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Claudia Black Icontest
Welcome to Claudia_Stills;

Welcome,claudia_stills is an icon contest dedicated to the lovely Australian actress Claudia Black, who is best know for her roles in the sci-fi shows Farscape and Stargate Sg-1.

Moderator: misplaced_angst


Banner Makers:dvshipper & misplaced_angst

Layout by:minty_peach

Header by:misplaced_angst

We are still in need of a few more banner makers, if interested please respond to This Post

- You must be a member to submit icons.

- Icons must be new, nothing previously posted anywhere else.

- You may only use the images posted for the week's challenge.

- You may blend more than one image, but only using the images posted. You cannot add any other images to your icon.

- Brushes, textures and backgrounds are okay. No Animated Icons.

- Your icons must feature Claudia. If the image is of Claudia and Ben Browder, it can feature Claudia, or Claudia and Ben, but not just Ben.

- Do not post your challenge icons anywhere else on the web until the challenge is over.

- Your icons must meet Livejournal standards (no bigger than 100x100 and 40KB).

- Please submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post, those comments will be screened.

- Your icons must be submitted in the in the IMG SRC & URL format.



-Challenges will run for one week

-Challenges will run from Sunday-Sunday

-Voting will run from Monday-Friday

-Results will be posted on Saturday